BABSConline Virtual NEIGHhem

Bay Area Brony Spectacular Online

A My Little Pony Fan-run Convention
May 8 - May 9, 2020

BABSConline 1.0 Virtual NEIGHhem

A concert of the best and most rocking brony music so big, that just one night couldn't contain it!

(Full Con Schedule w/ Livestream Links here. All times PDT/UTC -7hrs)

Friday 5/8

7:00–7:30 PM: P1K
7:30–8:00 PM: Whirlwind
8:00–8:30 PM: TheOneGalen
8:30–9:00 PM: MelodyBrony
9:00–9:30 PM: Luck Rock
9:30–10:15 PM: Bolt the Super-Pony
10:15–11:00 PM: BlackIceMusic
11:00 PM–Midnight: John Kenza

Saturday 5/9

6:00–6:30 PM: CyrilTheWolf
6:30–7:15 PM: MetaJoker
7:15–8:15 PM: Forest Rain and Steel Chords
8:15–8:45 PM: Seventh Element
8:45–9:30 PM: MCMIAG
9:30–10:30 PM: Lavender
10:30–11:00 PM: Vylet Pony
11:00PM–Midnight: Odyssey